Swan Realty Group

The Swan Realty Group is a real estate development and management company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The Group’s holdings consist of commercial and industrial properties, including parking facilities, office buildings, retail shopping malls, manufacturing plants and warehousing facilities. The Realty Group’s properties are identified, developed and leased as long-term holdings for the Group.

In addition to contributing financial strength, Swan Realty holdings provide better economies of scale for the warehousing and manufacturing operations of the Group. Swan Realty shares management with all of other Swan Group companies.

Swan Realty plans to continue investing in new properties and improving existing facilities. In June of 2001, Swan Realty announced the acquisition of the 132,000 sq. ft. Pond Street manufacturing facility and concurrently announced the 50,000 square foot addition to this property to enhance warehousing and manufacturing efficiency at Flexcon Industries.